England pushes for the Meta-Museum.

It is incredibly satisfactory to see the world of museums lean towards the digital age, and the latest advancement is the LHF´s push for digital museums is a new way to fund digital projects and a requirement that digital content supported by the HLF be made available for free. From the article:

HLF-supported projects will now be asked to make their digital content widely available at no charge and to use a Creative Commons licence¹ so anyone can access and reuse content for non-commercial purposes.

HLF has changed its policy so that it can now fund stand-alone digital projects². It has not previously funded the creation of digital materials (such as websites, DVDs or apps) when they were the only focus of a project.

What does this mean for museums? Well, for the first time digital projects can obtain funding without being attached to something else, this in turn will motivate museums to branch into digital technologies even more with less concerns for the costs involved. However museums must be careful when creating projects, since without insight into the technologies and their capabilities it is easy to either not do enough or attempt to do too much.

Museums take note: its no longer enough to have a designer or a marketer programmers and information designers are fast becoming a necessity in the museum profession, or at least someone versed into them. *wink* *wink*


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