Personal Introduction


Family Resemblances

As we move closer to post-modern thought we find that philosophers, aestheticians and others shift in how to grapple with the “Art Question.” The search for an essential quality that all works of art share and that can thus be used as a benchmark to determine what is art and what is not, seems more and more outdated to thinkers in the 40’s and 50’s, and while the old concepts of universal beauty still dominate in most circles, some people are beginning to question this. Thinkers such as Paul Ziff and Morris Weitz are inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein’s anti-essentialist ideas, best exemplified in his concept of family resemblances. Continue reading

Lugares y Memorias Fragmentadas: the design process

The Sketches helped me create the relationships between the strings and the photographs as well as to plan the three dimensionality of the exhibition space, it is here where I decided to utilise the space and create something more than a line-up of photographs.

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During the preparation process the photographs were printed and mounted on black foamboard. Foamboard was chosen for its lightness and ease of transportation, this reduced the risk of the “columns” collapsing on themselves. As for hanging cord, a polyester thread was chosen because of the bright colours and tensile strength.

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The installation took about four hours and was done in cooperation with Professor Joaquin Conde’s students.

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The exhibition opened on Thursday 13 at 6 pm, reception was warm, feedback was positive. Overall this exhibition was a success.

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New exhibition: lugares y memorias fragmentadas

On August 13 the exhibition Lugares y Memorias Fragmentadas will open at universidad de las Americas Puebla, which I curated and shows a collection of photographs taken during my trips of the last five years. This is a personal and professional highlight that could not have happened without the support of the university and the artist and professor Joaquin Conde. As soon as I have pictures I will upload the whole process from sketches to opening. Hopefully I don’t crash and burn.