Authenticity in Museums

“Polarities of the ‘authentic’ vs. the ‘inauthentic’ are easily discernible in recreational modes. The criteria of authenticity are not necessarily objective but rather have to do with the rules by which the self allows or disallows its own experience.”

― Walker Percy, Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book

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David Hockney Early Reflections

David Hockney Early Reflections Review

David Hockney Early Reflections is a cleverly named exhibition focusing on the early period of the artist’s career, introducing us to something more than the famous pool paintings. While Hockney’s homosexuality is touched upon, as it should be, especially since his sexual preference is prevalent in most of his creative output in one way or another, the focus lies clearly on his skills, his interest in water and superficially on homosexuality and its influence in his works. Through almost 40 pieces, we are shown the impressive artistic evolution in the early career of a man that has been called Britain’s greatest artist. Continue reading