Social media: a fast guide for Museums

As time goes by we hear more and more about social media: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, amongst others are being constantly brought up when discussing social media integration in any kind of business. Museums are of course not immune to social media and in fact are a few of the institutions that can actually benefit fully from them (why does my auto mechanic need a twitter account? I have yet to find out).

However it is not enough to get an account and then posting about events and promotions. The following are a few guidelines that will greatly increase the usefulness of social media for museums. Continue reading


MEAL website redesign

For the last 6 months I have been working on redesigning the Museum of East Anglian Life’s webpage. The idea behind this redesign was to create a webpage that retained the overall structure of the old site, while at the same time fixing the information hierarchy and the ease of use of the website. Special considerations were made for learning disabilities, and ease of use both for administrators and users.

The website uses a 4 column grid that is adapted to each specific section of the website. A top heavy navigation was chosen after analyzing the browsing habits exhibited by users of the old website, bringing it in-line with popular idea of having your most relevant information above the fold.

Special thanks to: Tony Butler, Patsy Cane, Lisa Harris, Jo Rooks and Darren Dordoy.